About our dessert mixes - Louisa and Gaia’s story - Make and Bake

 Bringing together taste and tradition
is what laid the foundation for creating our gourmet mix

Our business was born from our shared passion for cooking and our love for Florence, Italy where we became fast friends and currently reside. Louisa was born and raised in New England and, after having moved to Italy, she fell in love with the Italian standard for culinary quality but missed the traditional flavors of American desserts. It was only natural for Louisa to partner with Gaia, being an Italian native and avid foodie. Gaia is proud of Italy’s culinary reputation and is passionate about the top ‘Made in Italy” quality that her country is known for.

Bringing together the taste of homemade with quality ingredients is what laid the foundation for creating our gourmet mixes. We captured American tradition, committing to locally produced, natural ingredients and giving even the least experienced baker a chance to make something extraordinary at home, with a short amount of time and little at hand. We source our ingredients in Tuscany, allowing us to control the quality of our mixes and ensure an excellent final product.

Easy, tasty and fun are the secret ingredients in our mixes.  It’s not only the artisan touch of a small business but it’s our love for baking that becomes your recipe for success. Making something delicious, authentic and simple in just a short amount of time shouldn’t be a chore, but rather a pleasure.

And remember, baking is science. With our easy to follow instructions, chosen recipes, precise proportions, you too will become a real baker. Trust us, you now have in your hands the tool you need to bake and enjoy American artisan desserts in just a few minutes.  So allow us to do the hard work. We mixed, now all you need to do is make and bake.